Thursday, January 19, 2012

Carrying Out My GAME Plan

1)      What resources will you need to carry out your plan?

I will need to make sure I keep checking my blog for comments and visiting the blogs of other professionals so I can keep up to date on what new professional development opportunities are available or what new technology tools educators are using. I will need to make sure I update my blog as to what I may be finding success with as far as technology in my classroom, but also share my struggles so that my followers may be able to offer suggestions.

2)      What additional information do you need?

I need to look into online professional development opportunities and then see if my principal would be willing to pay for the course and my time or how that works since this is a new concept to me. I will also make sure I keep adding to my social bookmarking site my favorite sources as I do research for my students each year.

3)      What steps have you been able to take this far?

One step that I have taken is creating an account on a social bookmarking site called, “StumbleUpon” that I can organize my favorite website on and share with others. This process made me even more curious of what was out there and during my research for finding quality research sources I found many other useful resources that I can use in my classroom already. For example, I am starting my unit on land and water and I found an experiment using rock salt that can teach students about how water causes weathering on rocks. My students will love this activity!


  1. Katie,

    I'm also signed up with StumbleUpon. It is a great site. Is it possible to link a cell phone to your blog? It would probably be much easier if you were notified through an alert on your phone each time you received a comment. It may become annoying but at least you will be able to stay on top of your blog that way.

  2. Katie,

    It sounds like you are well on your way. You may be able to find some webcasts/webinars that you can participate in. These are usually free or are inexpensive. I just attended one on a technology program at school. This may be another way for you to gain some professional development.
    I have never heard of StumbleUpon before. It sounds very interesting. I will definitely have to check it out. Is it something that other people can share their resources with you? I have been looking into a wiki to share information with my colleagues. This way we can all post to it and share resources that we have found or use.

    Good Luck with everything,